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"I lob you"
"I lob you too, Kurt!"
"Stop laubhing ad me!"

Anne wanted some cozy!Klaine in New York. They’re cuddling because it’s really cold in the appartement and poor Kurt is sick. (◡‿◡ ✿)

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darren criss + his pretty eyes

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"I’ve been pushed down many flights of stairs in my time, but I a l w a y s manage to find an elevator.”

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klaine-run-the-world requested: klaine + “#kurtmatters”  

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Anonymous prompted: AU where Kurt and Blaine live in the same apartment building and meet when Kurt accidentally gets some of Blaine’s mail. :)

Blaine is almost finished dressing, the material of his striped bow tie draped over his shoulders when he answers the insistent knocking at his apartment door.

It’s not the sweet old woman down the hall looking for her cat again, though, like Blaine expects it to be. It’s a ridiculously stunning guy who looks like he’s just walked off a runway, and Blaine only belatedly thinks to say, “Hi.”

"Hi! I’m your neighbor from down the hall, Kurt Hummel." He holds out his hand, and Blaine reaches for it, still struck by how gorgeous this guy is, his voice soft and high and his smile bright, a little mischievous. "You’re Blaine, right?"

"Um," Blaine says, his brain drawing a blank. Oh god, he is Blaine, right? “Of- of course.”

Kurt bites at his lip, still grinning. “You don’t seem too sure about that.”

Blaine huffs out a nervous laugh, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck when he feels himself flush. “Sorry, you kind of caught me off-guard. Would you like to come in?”

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